Miniature dachshunds may be one of the smallest dog breeds, but they are filled with a lot of energy and curiosity. This is why it's common for miniature dachshund owners to keep a gated area in their yard for outdoor exploring. Instead of putting up a basic fence, you can showcase curb appeal and style choices with iron fencing. Traditional iron fencing is not the most ideal choice for the small dogs, but there are a number of custom features you can add to ensure the proper safety and comfort for your dog. The following five features are specifically ideal for miniature dachshund owners and are available through a number of fencing companies.

Picket Spacing

Dachshunds may have long backs, but their thin bodies can easily squeeze through small spaces. Instead of risking a puppy escape, you can shop for iron fences with tighter picket spacing. A standard iron fence usually features pickets that are spread 6 to 9 inches apart. For your miniature dachshund, you can request a fence with more pickets that do not exceed three inches. This will keep you dog safely behind the fence as they explore the exterior of your home.

Bottom Rails

The ornamental design of an iron fence can often leave huge gaps in the bottom area. This is no good for dachshunds who can quickly dig and climb between these gaps. The dogs are natural diggers and a proper fence installation can help prevent their escape. By choosing your custom fence design, you have the ability to get a bottom rail installed. This rail will block off any gaps and can add more durability to the fence.

Adding a few extra deep rails can also make the fence more secure and prevent extra gaps. The rails are buried deep in your ground so it's nearly impossible for a dachshund to dig them out.

Powder Coating

The curious mind of a miniature dachshund will often leave them sniffing and looking outside the gates. All of this exploring could lead to accidental claw scratches or bite marks on the iron pickets. The best way to prevent your fence from this damage is with a powder coating. On its own, a powder coating is beneficial for the natural wear and tear on the fence. It can prevent damage from rusting, cold weather, and snow. When it comes to your dog, the durable coating will resist scratching and keep the fence looking like how you originally purchased it.

After a couple of years, fence professionals can return to your home to apply another layer of the powder coating. This will increase the protection and allow your dogs to do all the fence snooping that they please.

Swing Gates

Add access in and out of the gated area with the installation of swing gates. The gates are attached flush to the fence, so there are not any additional gaps that a miniature dachshund could squeeze into. The high lever position of the gates also ensures that a dachshund cannot simply reach up and hit the latch open. This will only allow humans to get in and out of the gate. The gates are also ideal for separating a miniature dachshund from a pool or other water area on your property.

Ornamental Decorations

Finish off your iron gate design with a little decorative fun. Ornamental iron fence decorations are fused directly to the pickets of the fence and come in a variety of styles. For example, small iron cut-outs in the shape of a dachshund can add a great patterned design through each section of the gate. Custom fence post covers are another way to add design elements. You can choose from dachshund shapes, bone shapes, or paw shapes to cap off the rails.

Explaining your dachshund situation with a fencing company is a great starting point. They have likely dealt with dog owners before and can help you find the ideal fence for your property.