New fence installations not only add great curb appeal and visuals to your landscape, but they also have a lot of practical uses. If you have a backyard garden that you love tending to every year, then a new fence installation can enhance the visuals of this garden. Along with the standard fence, there are a number of accessories that can be installed. The following four accessories can improve the visuals, function, and daily care of your personal garden. By working with a contractor, you can have one or more of these accessories installed at the same time as a new fence.

Arbor Installations

Connect a backyard fence to the entrance of your garden with arbor installations. Arbors are large canopy openings, typically formed in a square or arching pattern. The various designs and materials allow you to select an arbor that matches your fence exactly. This helps create an even flow from the end of the fence and directly into the garden.

If the arbor is going to be positioned a little ways away from the fence, then you can add wings to the side of the arbor. These wings give the illusion of a fence and can be installed to replicate the exact fence that you are having installed. The designs and openings on both the arbor and the wings can be used to grow a variety of vine-based plants like climbing roses. After a few years the arbor can be fully covered in plants and flowers that you love.

Lamp Posts

Extend the design and style of your fence with lamp posts installed in your garden. The lamp post installation can stand on it's own, but the post can be chosen to match the pickets and posts used on your fence. Once installed, various types of lights can be added to the top of the post. Solar lights require  no wiring or battery changes, giving you great dusk and night views of the garden.

Along with the lamp posts, you can help match the style of your fence with post caps. Lighted post caps give great visuals of the fence and make it easy to follow a specific walkway that leads to the garden or backyard area. When the same lights are used on the lamp post and fence post, it creates a uniform and cohesive design that helps make the landscaping stand out.


If you're looking to separate your garden from other sections of the yard, then you have alternate options instead of a full fence installation. A trellis is basically a freestanding fence. It's like a section of fence that adds design elements along with organization for various types of plants. For example, if you have a small vegetable garden, a large trellis can be placed behind the garden bed to help separate it.

Just like other accessories, a trellis can be purchased to duplicate your fence design. Along with the design, you can select the length and height of the trellis to fit in your garden.

Animal Fences

One of the biggest problems for any garden is the invasion of animals. Deer, rabbits, and other woodland critters can chew up flowers, vegetables, and other plants. Along with a traditional fence, you can have special animal fences installed around the garden area. These fences provide extra strength and security to keep animals away from your garden. The fences typically include small holes so animals cannot slip through. The fences may be buried a little deeper in the ground to help prevent burrowing.

Animals fences can be installed on their own or layered with a fence design. For example, the animal fence can be installed flush to the back of the standard fence so the curb view of the fence still showcases the design and style.

Express your vision for your garden as clearly as possible to a contractor like Harrington & Company. This will help you get the fence and accessories installed exactly how you envisioned it.