You probably already know that electric gates add a significant measure of personal security to home and family as well as protect valuable items from being stolen, but there are plenty of other benefits to installing automated gate systems. Following are five great reasons to consider having electric gates installed on your residential property.

Lower Insurance Rates

You can lower your homeowners' insurance premiums significantly by installing security measures on your property. Optimal security begins at your property line, and automated gates provide excellent ways to keep undesirable elements off your property. Keep in mind that many burglaries are not spontaneous actions on the part of the thieves -- modern thieves may spend several days casing out various properties in the search for vulnerable targets. An electronic fence will impede easy access to your property, making it less likely to be cased out by prospective criminals in the first place, and it will also prevent spur-of-the moment crimes of opportunity that frequently occur on unprotected properties. Insurance companies know this, so speak with your agent about possible discounts involved in installing an electric gate.

Added Privacy

If you're like most people, you dislike being interrupted by salespeople or political canvassers at the door while relaxing at home or when you're in the middle of household chores. An electric gate will firmly keep this activity at bay and will also guard against interruptions from neighbors and other acquaintances with penchants for simply popping in without warning. Certain gate and fence designs also offer optimal privacy to those who live on streets with significant car, bike, and foot traffic -- you'll be able to enjoy spending time in your own front yard or on the porch without being subjected to the prying eyes of those passing by.

Higher Property Values

When it comes time to put your home on the market, properties with automated gates are likely to command higher asking prices. Many potential homeowners like the idea of purchasing property that isn't readily accessible and are often initially attracted to a specific property simply because of the fact that it's protected by an electric gate. Additionally, gates add a significant degree of aesthetic value that adds to a property's curb appeal. They come in many different styles to complement any property. For instance, if you're partial to a country estate look, a wrought iron gate will provide your property with that particular ambiance, while those who prefer a rustic look can opt for wooden gates. Virtually any home design can be enhanced by a complementary gate, no matter what the exterior design.

Custom Options

In the past, many people were deterred from having electric gates installed on their property because they either required someone already on the property to remotely open the gates or needed a remote control gadget, such as the type formerly used for garage door openers. Today's custom options, however, include gates with passwords, eliminating the hassles arising from forgetting or losing remotes and eliminating the need to be allowed entrance from someone already onsite. Other customizable features include whether the gate swings open or lifts up, and, of course, the individual style, size, and design of the gate. For even more added security, you can have your gate customized with barbed wire or razor wire at the top to prevent ambitious intruders from climbing over the gate.

Wildlife Control

A good gate along with a sturdy fence also plays a significant role in keeping unwanted wildlife pets off your property, which may be important if you live in a suburban or rural area. Although it probably won't be effective against invasions by small rodents, raccoons, and avian life, it will prevent large mammals, such as elk, deer, and moose, from destroying gardens and landscaping.

If you're thinking of getting an electric gate installed, consider contacting a local specialist, such as F & W Fence Company, Inc., to discuss any questions or concerns you might have.