If you are a dog owner who lives near a road or in a crowded suburb, you know how important it is to keep your dog from escaping your yard. While many people accomplish this using traditional fencing, there are a few benefits of invisible dog fencing that make it an option worth considering. Here are four advantages of an invisible electric dog fence.

No Harm to Your Dog

One of the first concerns that comes to mind for dog owners is the amount of pain that an invisible fence would cause for their dog. You can rest assured that the shock produced by your dog's collar will be far too low to cause them any harm. Rather than pain, the shock is more like an unexpected annoyance that startles your dog to prevent him from crossing the border of the invisible fence.

Not only is the shock from an invisible fence harmless, but your dog is likely to experience it only a handful of times. Most collars will vibrate or beep when your dog is getting close to the border but before they cross it. This will create an association in your dog's mind between the vibration or sound and the shock so they will stop short of the border after the first few times they attempt to cross it.

Minimal Disruption of Your Yard

No matter what type of traditional fencing you choose, the view from your yard will be obstructed to some degree. If you are installing a fence to contain your dog, this effect is amplified because you will have to install a fence with minimal space between posts. While this may be the desired effect if you are also installing a fence for privacy, an invisible fence is the best option if you want to maintain an unobstructed view.

Depending on the type of invisible fence you install, you may be able to prevent disruption of your yard altogether. Traditional invisible fences use a wire that is installed underground along the border of the fence. However, you can now buy invisible fences that use a wireless device close to your home to detect when your dog is nearing the boundary of the fence. This renders the digging that is required for a wired fence or traditional fence unnecessary.   

Plenty of Room for Your Dog

Modern invisible fences can create a boundary that is large enough for even the most energetic dogs to have ample room to run. While wireless invisible fences are best for small- to medium-sized yards, a wired invisible fence can be installed around properties that are several acres in size. For large enclosures, an invisible wired fence can be less expensive than a traditional fence due to lower material costs.

Complies with Any Local Fencing Laws

One of the biggest challenges homeowners can face when installing a fence is compliance with local fencing regulations. This is especially true if you want to install fencing on or near a neighbor's property boundary or if your homes already have shared fencing.

An invisible fence will never violate fencing laws because it does not obstruct your property. The most common restrictions on residential fencing apply to the height of your fence, the material your fence is made from, and the direction your fence is facing. None of these factors are relevant to invisible fences, and you can even install an invisible fence without removing the existing traditional fence to guarantee that you are not in violation of any regulations.

Invisible electric dog fences provide a safe and effective method for containing your pet. Keep these tips in mind so you can find the dog-fencing solution that will work best for you and your pet. Talk to a company such as Four Corners Fencing to learn more.