Aluminum chain link fencing can be a durable addition to your property, but like any other structure, it does require some care and maintenance to stay in great condition. Here are some steps you can take to care for your chain link fence.

Check Support Posts

Over time, support posts can begin to shift, which can impact the integrity of your fence. This can happen if the posts are placed in the ground without being secured in cement. In some cases, the cement your posts have been secured in can become damaged. The damage can occur if tree branches grow into the fence line, which can cause the cement to crack or break. It's a good idea to check the posts to ensure they are still stable. If any become loose, you can have your fence contractor secure them in the ground once again.

Remove Rust

If your fence doesn't have a coating, you may notice rust forming on the surface of the links or posts. You can use steel wool to gently remove small spots where rust is beginning to form. For large patches of rust, you may need to use a chemical remover. If your fence has begun to show extensive signs of damage from rust, you may need to replace part of the fence to maintain its structural integrity. You can prevent rust by using a rust inhibitor spray on the surface of the posts and chain links.

Clean The Fence

To keep your your fence looking great, be sure to clean it regularly. You can use a garden hose for regular cleanings, A power washer is ideal for layers of dirt or deep cleanings, but be sure that the water pressure is not too high, as it may cause damage to the links. For stubborn stains, use dish soap to scrub these areas clean.

Clear Plant Life And Debris

Plants that grow too close to your fence can cause damage over time, so be sure to check the perimeter around your fence for vines, weeds, and other invasive plants. If you have trees growing close to the fence, consider hiring an arborist to help prune roots back that might otherwise dislodge your fence's posts. It's also a good idea to remove heavy debris that might be resting against the fence, as large, heavy items can cause the chain links to lose their shape over time.

If your fence is in need of repairs, be sure to contact a fence contractor, such as from Carter Fence Co, With regular maintenance and cleaning, your aluminum chain link fence can deliver long-lasting durability.