For homeowners, dealing with rodents can be frightening and a stressful endeavor. No matter how hard you try, they just keep getting onto your property. Put a stop to these unwanted visits by taking these precautions. 

Remove Possible Sources of Food

You can stop attracting rodents in the first place by eliminating potential sources of food. Rodents typically go after pet food that's left out over night. As such, you need to store dog and cat food in sealed containers that are above ground level. Next, look in the kitchen for any unsealed bags of food. Use clips and ties to seal them off. 

Make sure any bird feeder is off the ground and kept in sealed containers. If you cook outside regularly, make sure the grill is clean and free of food particles. 

Seal All Entry Points

To prevent rodents from setting up shop inside your home, you must remove all possible entry points. Start with your home's foundation and look for cracks and holes. Fill these imperfections up with a weatherproof sealant. It will hold up no matter what weather elements it's exposed to. 

Next, move on to the attic. Rodents tend to dwell here because of the dark, quite environment. Like the foundation, check for small cracks and holes that need to be sealed. It may help to perform this step during the day, so light can pass through and indicate where cracks are present. 

Also check for potential openings around the air conditioning unit, vents, and drainage pipes on your property.  

Trench the Fence

Now that you've eliminated entry points leading inside the home, it's time to prevent rodents from coming onto your property all together. This can be achieved through fence trenching, a process that prevents rodents from digging underneath fences. 

Instead of using a regular shovel for this job, use a trenching shovel. Its unique shape allows you to dig much more quickly, without expending a lot of physical energy. It's also helpful to set up posts that simulate where the actual fence will be. Then, you'll know exactly where to put the trench. Make sure the trench is level so that your fence will be level as well once it's installed. 

No one ever wants to deal with rodents, as they may be carrying deadly diseases and parasites. As long as you take the right precautions and prep your home, these rodents will no longer be a problem.