If you are trying to decide between a wall and a fence for your home, then you will be interested in reading the information covered in this article. In it, you will be provided with details on the various advantages that a fence offers and will likely find that a fence would make the better choice for your home. 

Fences hold up better in soil shifting conditions

If you live somewhere where the weather can cause the ground to swell a lot and then dry up and see a good deal of shrinkage, then this can affect the integrity of a solid wall. When you have a wall installed in an area like this, then it may need to be repaired often because there won't be enough flexibility and the tall design can lead to cracks and even crumbling or falling areas of the wall. 

A fence will have more flexibility. When there are changes in the coil, the fence will flex with it. Also, if you live in an area with earthquakes, then you will want the flexibility of a fence over a solid wall. 

Fences give you more options

When you have a wall installed, the wall you see is what you get unless you decide to have a lot of work done to it in the future to change its texture or design in general. One of the only things you can do to change its appearance without an abundance of reconstruction is to change the color of the paint, and if you went with a brick wall, then most colors of paint may not look good.

A fence will usually give you more options to change its look and even its functionality in the future if you want something different. For example, you can change a chain-link fence into a privacy fence by installing something like privacy slats or rolled bamboo on the fence. Or, you can turn a functional wrought iron fence into a decorative one with the simple addition of some embellishments and decorative caps. 

A fence can be removed easier

If you know that there may come a time in the future where you would want to have the fence or wall moved or even removed in the future, then you will find a fence to be easier to work with because a wall would need to be torn down and rebuilt.

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