If you are ready to install a new fence for your home, you may want a unique design. Picket fencing designs may seem more conventional, but there are a lot of options to give them a custom look. There are choices of materials, patterns, and custom design features that can be added to the fence. The following design ideas will give your new fence a unique custom look:

1. Picket Designs for Visible Entrances

The entrance to your home or fencing at the street are areas where you may want to preserve visibility. You may be required to preserve the visibility of architecture in some areas. Therefore, there are going to be limits on the height of the fence and how far apart the pickets can be spaced. These are general rules that you may want to follow even if your area does not have these requirements. Lower picket fences with a more open design will add to the curb appeal of your home rather than distract from it. To make these fence sections more attractive, consider using pickets with a spade cut or other decorative designs on the top of the pickets.

2. Picket Fence Designs that Provide Privacy

The picket fence design can also provide you with privacy where you need it. There are several options for the design of the pickets that can be used to give your property more privacy. One of the options you may want to consider is staggering the pickets. This will provide privacy and allow sunlight for plants in landscaping. There are also butted joint designs that create a cleaner look and more privacy for outdoor living spaces. The butted joints are great if you want to have a picket fence that has a cleaner look with fewer lines.

3. Enhancing Picket Fence Design with Custom Features

There are also options that can enhance your fence's appearance with custom features. These features can be custom entrance gates, transoms, and other design elements. For the gated entrances of your picket fence, features like arbors can be a great way to enhance your fence's design. Features can be added to the picket fence sections, such as transom details. The details of the top of the fence sections can also include decorative cuts on pickets.

If you are ready to give your property a unique new picket fence design, contact a fencing service to discuss these ideas.